SnapTAG™ Cable Tags

Magnetic Personalized Phone Charger Name Tag - Fits Mobile Electronics Charging Cables & Cords including Tablets & Laptops

snapTAG Features
How to Install

Beautiful permanent lasered text on your snapTAG!

Each snapTAG is custom made with 3D printers and lasers. There are magnets embedded to help you keep your charging cable where it belongs!

Details and Specs

snapTAGs were designed to fit very skinny charging cables all the way up to nearly 4.5mm in diameter which includes vast majority of mobile device and laptop charging cables.

2" Long x 1/2" Wide x 3/8" Tall.

Each snapTAG contains an embedded magnet and includes a magnetic base with double sided sticky foam so that you can install the base anywhere and have a magnetic home for your cable.

snapTAGs are made on 3D printers and the text is applied with a laser with precision detail. The 3D plastic is sturdy and robust, and you can see the texture and layers made by the printers, which is very cool!

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