About Us


focused on creating unique products and customizing products

Legit 3D is a small business focused on creating unique products and customizing products using software, lasers and 3D printers.

Legit 3D is the engine for multiple different brands and products.  On our home page you will see photos and links to other sites, those are specific brands that have been developed to address a particular market.  However, in the background, we are still a small business fully operating out of our small office in Austin, Texas.  Regardless of brand, you’ll be able to contact us at howdy@legit3d.com anytime.

At the core we are creators. We are creating products, customizing other’s products and generally working to find opportunities to grow our business locally and globally.

If we can help you with design, printing, etching, marking or to find the perfect stocking stuffer, we’d love to do that.

Our Team

Lisa Marianasa

Designer Of Rona

Lisa Maradona

Designer Of Rona

Emely Maharani

Designer Of Rona

Diego Michaels

Designer Of Rona