Legit 3D Expanding Beyond Etsy

Welcome to our website!  After a successful launch on Etsy in 2020, we've decided to connect more directly with customers, therefore we've launched!

The challenge we've found on Etsy is that it's difficult to connect with customers, maintain a relationship, build a brand and control our own destiny.  If you buy something from Etsy, even if it is a Legit 3D product, you often just remember Etsy.  It's hard to imagine a long term strategy with such a dependence on this one particular sales channel.

However, we still run and love our Etsy store, feel free to check us out there, our handle is Legit3D (no spaces) if you search for our Etsy shop.  Whether you buy direct from us, or through our Etsy shop, we are thankful for your business!

We'll continue developing and releasing the best 3D printed gifts you can find online.  If you have any special requests, please drop us a line at

Thank you!